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Metamorphic album

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What is Metamorphic?

Metamorphic is a 10-track, multi-dimensional, fully immersive audio-visual album project. It is the first album of its kind conceived to inhabit the real and virtual worlds alike.

What do I get when I mint?

Phase One mint includes a private sale of 10 ERC-721. Album tokens. Each album token holder will receive 10 ERC-721A Metamorphic song tokens representing the full album. Each song token is a series of rooms dedicated to one of the album’s songs presented in a 3D, immersive, VR-compatible, archival-grade art installation experience.

With such an exclusive and finite supply being available of the album this way, to bring balance, inclusion and a awareness to the project, a version of the virtual gallery spaces for each song, will exist for 6 months publicly online, and for free. After which time Album owners at their own discretion will have the power to restrict access to a token-gate utilizing the destroyPublic() function on the smart contract. This ethical question and choice is one for them by design, and out with the artists control.

What inspired Metamorphic?

Metamorphic is a highly introspective exercise in creation undertaken privately by the artist over a series of years. Initially produced in isolation, Metamorphic is, by design, an attempt to remove all outside influence and allow space for a truly honest response to emerge within the studio environment.

See DAILLY to learn more.

When is the Metamorphic album mint?

The Metamorphic mint will happen in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Guaranteed Album Mint (24 hours) - Guaranteed Album Mint collectors can mint up to two Albums of 10 songs. A non-refundable deposit of 3 ETH per Album, limited to 10 total reservations, is required for Guaranteed Album Mint priority before 10 PM EST, Tues, Jan 17th. 
  • Phase 2: Priority Mint (48 hours) - Priority ahead of Public Sale to mint either Albums or Songs, depending on availability, with no deposit required, but must have signed up via registration @
  • Phase 3: Public Sale (Open) - Public mint open to all collectors for Albums or Songs, depending on availability.

  • Phase 1 - Jan 18th @ 6PM EST (24 hours).
  • Phase 2 - Jan 19th @ 7PM EST (48 hours).
  • Phase 3 - Jan 21st @ 7PM EST (depending on availability).


How do I mint a Metamorphic album token?

Collectors are vetted and approved for  the allowlist registration after an optional video AMA with DAILLY. A registration form is available for interested collectors to be  considered for pre-approval. Further steps will be provided by email or via other 1-1 channels.

How can Song NFTs be used to claim Albums?

Individual Metamorphic Album and Song NFTs are free to exchange privately or on secondary marketplaces either by Album owners or individual Song collectors. Collectors should consider whether it is valuable to them to continue to hold a full album or trade songs from the album in parts. 

Should there be unminted Albums, Song collectors have the capability to claim Album tokens as a free mint after collecting all 10 songs from "unclaimed" supply. Metadata on the NFT will enable collectors to filter for unclaimed supply on OpenSea or other marketplaces.

Where can I view my Metamorphic gallery room?

Gallery rooms are open to the public and can be explored through the Metamorphic website or using Oculus Browser via Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headsets.

Collectors hold the only verified primary of each variation of the AV experience of the 1/1 song NFTs they hold.

Upon sell-out or 24 hours after the Public Sale (whichever comes first), the Album experience page will be opened to the public. Links will be shared accordingly.

Does owning a Metamorphic NFT grant me ownership of the Metamorphic album?

Owning a Metamorphic NFT simply grants you ownership over the NFT itself. It does not grant you any ownership of the masters/publishing of the music. 

What comes next? Will there be future Metamorphic collections?

2023 will bring the global, DSP release of the Metamorphic album. While this is officially a “no roadmap project”, holders should stay aware that their choices may impact the future. Stay tuned for more information.

What technologies were used to build the Metamorphic rooms?

Metamorphic gallery rooms are built using Babylon.js framework that streamlines WebGL functionality by Madi Kassymbala and team Entrine. Each room integrates a unique set of custom-built visuals produced by Niall Dailly and Logan Gomez. All Metamorphic gallery experiences include extensions that are tailored for accessing through Meta Quest 2/Pro via Meta Browser.

How were the Metamorphic visuals produced?

The visual production process is completely united with the music, and created via analog and digital modular and video synthesis running under human and generative influence

The exact same control voltage signals that influence the output of the audio also determine the respective video output. The visuals were further enhanced in post-production and seamlessly integrated together utilizing LIDAR scanning of influences with 3D point cloud integration to present a unique narrative journey to an otherwise abstract experience.

Do Metamorphic NFTs have utility?

The Metamorphic collection is meant to highlight the art and the art alone. Album tokens carry special governance rights as detailed in the FAQ. Metamorphic Song NFT holders will have access to and ownership of a one-of-a-kind, bespoke 3D digital art gallery where they can enjoy the music accompanied by immersive visuals. This is the first iteration of what could become a creative benchmark for album experiences. Buy it because you enjoy it. Expect the unexpected.

Which browser/PC specs are best suited to a fluent experience with Metamorphic?

For Oculus VR users, we recommend Meta Quest 2/Pro where you can use the built-in Oculus Web Browser with the latest updates installed.

We recommend viewing Metamorphic on non-mobile browsers and platforms.

Metamorphic is built using WebGL 2.0. Click here for a comprehensive list of WebGL browser compatibility.

Minimal PC requirements:

CPU - Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD FX-8310 or better

GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 4GB or AMD Radeon R9 280 or better

Memory - 8GB RAM

Internet - Broadband internet connection

Recommendations for Mac users:

CPU - 4 Cores, 2.9 GHz processor 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Skylake or Apple® M1

GPU - Video - Metal® capable 3 GB GPU/AMD™ GCN 4th gen/Apple® M1

Memory - 8GB RAM

Internet - Broadband internet connection

How does destroyPublic() governance work?

A max of 10 Album tokenholders hold unique governance rights to call destroyPublic(), a thoughtful exercise in creative destruction. A public exhibition will remain open for a minimum of 6 months, after which, the function will be enabled for use. Album tokens carry a vote on the smart contract, recorded on-chain and registered to the token ID. Should the token be transferred or sold, that token's vote resets to zero. Upon meeting quorum (5), the vote becomes valid.

What is the smart contract address?